Opioid Epidemic Points to Chiropractic as Key Component To Help

  • “A recent study published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine concluded adults receiving chiropractic care for low back pain were 55 percent less likely to fill a prescription for an opioid analgesic in comparison to adults who did not receive chiropractic care.”
  • “Opioids are intrinsically dangerous because they replace pain with pleasure-producing neurochemicals including dopamine.”
  • “Blaker said that while more conservative care, including chiropractic, is slowly integrating into the medical field, primary care physicians are still more likely to prescribe opioids.“ This needs to change,” he said. “The needs of patients in pain are urgent and acceptance of safe, effective, drug-free care is still far from medical mainstream.”
Luckily, if you are in pain, we have non-surgical and drug-less options here at Lone Star Progressive Medicine. Our unique integrative approach of traditional medicine and alternative medicine is providing effective, and long-lasting pain relief to out patients.
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