Sadie Jelovac

When I first came in I had low back pain and left shoulder pain. I lived with that pain for over 6 years. Sometimes the pain was really bad and I was not able to walk, sit, get up or pretty much anything by myself. There were times when I was laying on the floor for more than 10 to 12 days with severe pain. There was no place for fun in my life. I wasn’t able to walk for a long time in parks, run or to do any sport… and I love sports. I visited many doctors in three years, took many different pain pills, I had a total of 14 cortisone shots in my back, went to physical therapy for many months, but nothing helped. I went to Dr. Pettke’s office and with just two adjustments, physical therapy and decompression therapy I had so much less pain. I was happy because I did not believe I could be pain free. I FEEL LIKE A NEWBORN. I can do so many different things that I couldn’t do before like go shopping all day. Good for me, but not my husband….. they changed my life for the better, they gave me a new life. God makes special people in this world to help others and that’s why I believe Dr. Pettke and his staff are a gift from God to all of us who suffer with many problems for many years. I thank God for them every day now. I highly recommend to all those who are suffering from pain to go see them for treatments and get your life back again. Many thanks from Sadie!

Ima Jean Mcreynolds

I checked out several doctors for decompression for my severe back pain. Dr. Pettke was the third & thank God I saved the best for last. Dr. Pettke & his office staff are open, clean & they care about you. Back pain, & hip, & leg pain was sucking the life right out of me for the last eight years. I have tried it all from drugs to therapy magnets. Thank God for Decompression and rehab, I can function again. I was not able to take baths because of the electric pain in my back and legs. I can now after 5 weeks of treatment I can take a bath anytime I want & no showers! I have muscles in my arms & back to help get in and out of the tub. Also, I have not played golf for over 2 years. After Decompression & Cold Laser therapy my back is so much better I have been to the driving range. I will soon be able to play golf. Thank you Dr. Pettke & Staff!

Jill Low

What can I say? I’ve gotten my life back!! Yes, that’s just how it feels!! I’ve suffered with low back pain for about 5 years. I’d go to therapy and have a time of feeling better only for the pain to return. Beginning in August 2006 it seemed the pain wouldn’t let up and slowly became worse. In May this year I noticed there was no relief ever and for the first time in more than 25 years I was unable to work. Really, just going to the grocery store was hard. If I rested most of the time I would feel better but that’s no way to live an otherwise blessed life. I never considered going to a chiropractor, although I have several friends that do and have great results. Then one day a lady at my church approached me and said, “Don’t ask me why but I believe you should see a chiropractor”, she gave me an ad from the newspaper for an evaluation with Dr. Pettke and I decided to go and see what would happen there. What on earth did I have to lose?!! In the meantime I had a steroid injection. I didn’t see any difference so I went back to see what Dr. Pettke would tell me. I was amazed at what he told me but something inside me said, “Give it a try”. After about three treatments I could tell something was very different. After the first 5 treatments I took a 17 day trip to Africa and did very well. When I resumed home I resumed my treatments with Dr. Pettke and have had more pain free days then I can remember in a very long time. The treatments are pain free and the exercises are making me stronger each day. The past three weeks I have returned to work, normal activity, strength and energy. I have recommended Dr. Pettke to several friends and two of them have come with great results also. The office staff are very friendly and knowledgeable. The atmosphere in the office is very comfortable. I am thankful for all of you and for getting my life back!!

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